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the first line of skilled personnel is difficult to recruit

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    Technical gap is big, enterprise development is blocked

    In the past two years, the machinery industry orders began to increase, there is a recovery scene, the gap of front-line technicians will also become larger. However, many of the technicians who choose or are forced to leave the company during the downturn of the machinery industry are reluctant to return to the post. In addition, many young people feel dirty, afraid of tired, mechanical industry "labor shortage" has emerged, the enterprise internal skilled personnel fault is more common.

    Jining Ruibo construction machinery company has participated in many on-site recruitment, recruitment network will also be in the same period, the company still can not meet the need of the production line. The company's front-line mechanic age mostly in 40 years old, -50 years old, more than 30 years old are very few.

    School enterprise cooperation talents, order class students are very popular

    In the promotion of new and old energy conversion, and promote the transformation and upgrading, highly skilled personnel will play an important role. Large number of skilled personnel demand large enterprises by taking "order class", "naming class" mode, ahead of schedule reserved students, and in the beginning of the semester to the technical school scheduled for 2018 graduates.